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Job Announcement: NCEJN Organizing Project Manager

The North Carolina Environmental Justice Network (NCEJN) is a coalition of community organizations and their supporters who work with low income communities and people of color to promote health and environmental equity, clean industry, safe work places, and fair access to all human and natural resources. We seek to accomplish these goals through organizing, advocacy, research and education based on principles of economic and political equity.

The position of Organizing Project Manager will involve supporting NCEJN’s efforts to connect and organize communities impacted by concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), as well as organizing around issues of energy and climate justice, landfills, basic amenities, and other areas of intersectionality. The Organizing Project Manager will report to and support the Organizing Co-Director in our current organizing efforts and collaborate to increase outreach to other communities across the state impacted by environmental injustice. The responsibilities are as follows:

  • Actively develops new relationships and nurtures existing relationships with communities of color and modest wealth communities impacted by issues of climate justice, energy injustice and efficiency, landfills, access to basic amenities and other issues of environmental justice through calls, letter writing, statewide travel for meetings and working to connect communities with resources
  • Assists the Organizing Co-Director in conducting weekly conference calls with CAFO Organizers to track progress and provide support; assists the Organizing Co-Director in scheduling meetings in communities impacted by issues of environmental justice
  • Assists the Organizing Co-Director in conducting site visits and evaluations of CAFO Organizers in the field
  • Works with impacted communities and partner communities to site, develop and coordinate NCEJN Quarterly Meetings
  • Responds to educational, faith-based and governmental requests to speak on issues and activities of NCEJN
  • Develops educational materials for communities and university/student groups interested in understanding issues of environmental justice and options for avenues of involvement
  • Assists the Administrative Co-Director in representation of NCEJN at meetings with various stakeholders, particularly traditional environmental groups
  • Consults on planning, development and organization of Annual EJ Summit

The following skills are important for this position:

  • Experience in community organizing
  • Experience in meeting facilitation
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Good teamwork skills and interpersonal effectiveness

This position requires considerable travel across the state, so a valid driver’s license and access to a registered vehicle are needed. This position is currently funded for two years.

To be considered for the position, please submit a cover letter, CV, and the names of 3 references. Materials should be emailed to Ayo Wilson at ncejnetwork@gmail.com by February 28, 2017.


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