From IndyWeek-> Hogwashed: An Investigation into NC’s hog industry

When the final chapter is written on these cases (nuisance lawsuits against the hog industry), we’ll see the people being represented are being prostituted for money.       -NC State Rep. Jimmy Dixon (Duplin, R)

“Deep financial ties exist between the bill’s (HB467) backers and the hog industry. Cumulatively, House Republicans who supported HB467 have received more than $272,000 in campaign contributions from the industry throughout their careers…Dixon has received $115,000, including $36,250 from individuals associated with Murphy-Brown and $9,500 from the Pork Council.

This is environmental racism. This is my family land. And I’m sure race played a part when they decided they wanted to develop this area. We’ve been asked many times, ‘Why don’t you just move?’ Move and go where?  I don’t want to move. I never knew my grandfather, but I know he walked on this ground. And his family. It’s my land.  -Elsie Herring, NCEJN Board of Directors Member

Read the complete 1st part of the investigation HERE on IndyWeek.

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