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The Inclusion Project is an ongoing Chambers Center for Civil Rights initiative that supports grassroots advocacy by bringing research, legal analysis, and public education directly to communities. The Inclusion Project examines the impacts tied to the legacy of residential segregation on super-majority non-white neighborhoods we describe as “excluded communities.” The term is applied broadly to refer to any community excluded socially, politically, or economically from opportunities available to other neighborhoods or residents. Inclusion Project research helps communities inform and persuade local decision-makers. It also helps develop legal strategies to promote inclusion and equity, including litigation.

This report is the second in a series looking at the impacts of exclusion in Duplin County, North Carolina. The first concentrated on education advocacy and equity in the county. This one examines environmental justice, and like the previous report is based both on empirical research and engagement by community advocates and the lawyers supporting their efforts.

While environmental justice encompasses a range of hazardous and unwanted land uses disproportionately located in excluded communities, in Duplin the most significant of those are industrial animal feeding operations.  They are therefore the focus of this report.

View the Duplin EJ report- FINAL from October 19, 2018


View 10-19-2000 NCDENR Environmental Equity Policy

View EPA’s Plan EJ 2014: Legal Tools  (pdf) of December 2011.


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