Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic Fracturing is the fracking of underground rock layers by a process in which water is mixed with sand and chemicals and injected at high pressure into a well for access to natural gas. Fracking has become a highly controversial issue because of poor regulations, lack of scientific research on the environmental impacts, and because of the speed at which fracking policies have been passed through legislative hands. Many communities and families in rural places have been adversely affected by contaminated groundwater, depleted sources of fresh water, impaired air quality, and have experienced other burdensome health effects due to the impacts of fracking.

To learn more, view this graphic representation of extLink_lvThe Dangers of Fracking.

NC Hydrofracking and EJ

NCEJN and SELC have worked with university researchers to provide an expert analysis to the EPA on potential harm to communities of color and low-income people from the environmental impacts of fracking. Learn more about the work being done in North Carolina on EJ and Hydraulic Fracturing here.

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